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- Autoincrement PKs
- Fluent interface API -> The repository need to support other parameters /
methods like orderBy, limit, groupBy... and eager fetching
- Add support for Postgres and SQLServer
- DB transaction for UoW
- Backwards compatibility (?) -> modifying Outlet::getInstance() to return a
session that automatically flushes after executing an operation might do the job
- UoW#attach and UoW#getOriginalValues need to check PHP version and use another
approach for object hashing, spl_object_hash does not work for PHP < 5.2
- Hydrator and ProxyGenerator needs to handle associations
- "Cascade" changes to identity map and entitiy original values cache (UoW)
This includes propagating PK changes
- Remove duplication from integration tests, for example, the Bug entity config
is coded in more than one place
- Make composite primary keys work in any order on identity map.
Currently it only works if the values are on the same order as config
// ... class mapping
'Entity' =>
'props' =>
'pk1' => array('pk1', 'int', array('pk' => true)),
'pk2' => array('pk2', 'int', array('pk' => true))
// ....
$obj = new Entity(1, 'other pk');
IndentityMap#get(array('other pk', 1)) // returns null
// solution?
IndentityMap#get(array('pk2' => 'other pk', 'pk1' => 1))
- Tests needed for:
* Session#setAutoFlush
* Cleaning UoW orders after commiting
* AutoDetect parameter of Session#flush
- Some way to handle entities life cycle
- Embedded values
- Schema creation based on config running from command line
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