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Pimp my rect ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

a simple JS app for

This is a specification for a Xfive test JavaScript project. Use any technology of your preference. It’s perfectly OK to use vanilla JS or any front-end frameworks or libraries.

Here’s what it should look like:

  • The app should consist of 3 parts/sections: Editor, Output, Gallery. Editor should live-update the Output. It’s up to you if you show Gallery on the same page or under e.g. localhost:xxxx/gallery. What’s crucial: the gallery’s state persists after the browser restarts. To obtain this goal, you’re allowed to use any technology you feel comfortable with (i.e. WS + IndexedDB, Firebase, Node+MongoDB, LocalStorage).
  • Output: simple rectangular <div>
  • Editor: it should have a set of inputs to adjust Output’s:
    • background colour (colour picker)
    • size (input which you think is the most suitable here)
    • border radius (please use a range picker)
    • A save button
  • Gallery: a list of saved Output divs with preserved styling. It should be possible to:
    • remove Outputs from the list
    • [optional but very welcome] some animations or sorting/filtering options
  • It should work well in the newest browsers (mobile Chrome and Safari included!).
  • All third party dependencies (if there will be any) should be installed using either NPM or Bower.
  • The whole thing should be split into modules (preferably with CommonJS or ES6 syntax but AMD is also fine).
  • The layout is up to you! Feel free to use tools such as or In case you’d like to roll your own CSS you’re more than welcome to do so.

Project deadline: Take your time but try to deliver it within 2 weeks time. If we don't see any activity in your test repository after 2 weeks (at least initial commits), we will automatically withdraw your application.