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#! /usr/bin/env python
import os
import subprocess
import ConfigParser
HOME_PATH = os.getenv('HOME') + '/'
CONFIG_PATH = os.getenv('HOME') + '/.BBot/config.cfg'
config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
# Main Settings
# Nickname
What do you want your bot's nickname to be?''')
config.set('main', 'nick', raw_input('nick: '))
# ident/USERname
What do you want your bot's ident to be?
Please note that this setting takes no effect on servers that
perform ident checks and there's an active identd running.''')
config.set('main', 'ident', raw_input('ident: '))
# Real Name
What do you want your bot's realname to be?
This is only shown in the WHOIS.''')
config.set('main', 'ircname', raw_input('ircname: '))
# Use Services
Should your bot use services like ChanServ
or NickServ to identify or preform other functions?
This currently only works for Atheme services.
Please enter either True or False.''')
config.set('main', 'use-services', raw_input('Use services: '))
# Services Authentication
If your bot is using services, what is its username
and password. If services are not being used, just leave them
config.set('main', 'username', raw_input('Username: '))
config.set('main', 'password', raw_input('Password: '))
# Network
What is the address of the network you will be connecting
to? You can specify a server as well.''')
config.set('main', 'network', raw_input('Network: '))
# Port
What port should your bot use? If you don't know, use 6667.
Please note that SSL is supported. If you plan to use SSL,
make sure you select the SSL port for your network''')
config.set('main', 'port', input('Port: '))
Should your bot use SSL? If you don't know, type False''')
config.set('main', 'ssl', raw_input('SSL: '))
# Channels
What channels should your bot join on connect?
Seperate each channel name by a comma (,) and please include the
# with the channel name.''')
config.set('main', 'channels', raw_input('Channels: '))
# Superusers
What is your hostname or cloak on the network? This will give
you the ability to control the bot as a Superuser.
WARNING: If you don't set this properly, you could be opening
security bugs or not be able to control the bot.''')
config.set('main', 'super-users', raw_input('Hostname: '))
# Command Character
What should your bot's command character be? This is the
character that is used before all commands like a ? for
the command ?wiki. Mutliple letters are allowed''')
config.set('main', 'command-char', raw_input('Command Character: '))
# Quit Message
What would you like your bot's default quit message to be?
This will be used whenever a superuser runs the quit command''')
config.set('main', 'quit-message', raw_input('Quit Message: '))
# -Thanks for setting up BBot
=== Thank you for setting up BBot ===
Your configuration file is now being finalized
Please wait while this completes, it should be done soon
# Set Other values which are defined by default
print(' * Setting up default modules')
config.set('main', 'modules', 'blockbot BBot trekbot ddgbot mathbot statusbot factoids')
config.set('main', 'wait-after-identify', 5)
config.set('main', 'read-wait', 512)
print(' * Setting up password-guard')
config.set('main', 'ignore-re', '(config.pass|dir.config)')
config.set('main', 'backend', 'async')
# Set BlockBot Options
print(' * Setting up BlockBot anti-spam')
config.set('BlockBot', 'highlight-limit', 5)
config.set('BlockBot', 'repeat-limit', 3)
config.set('BlockBot', 'spam-strings', '')
config.set('BlockBot', 'mps-limit', 3.1)
config.set('BlockBot', 'blacklist-kick-msg', 'You have matched a spam string and have been banned, if you think this is a mistake, contact a channel op to be unbanned.')
config.set('BlockBot', 'flood-kick-msg', 'Please do not flood the channel.')
config.set('BlockBot', 'repeat-kick-msg', 'Please do not repeat yourself rapidly.')
config.set('BlockBot', 'mass-ping-kick-msg', 'Please do not ping that many people at once.')
# Set TrekBot Options
print(' * Setting up TrekBot channel manager')
config.set('trekbot', 'proxy-scan', False)
config.set('trekbot', 'charybdis-net', False)
config.set('trekbot', 'default-kick-msg', 'You have been kicked from the channel. (requested by %s)')
config.set('trekbot', 'blacklist-kick-msg', 'You are currently blacklisted on this channel.')
# Make blank trekbot files
print(' * Creating blank whitelists and blacklists')['mkdir', HOME_PATH + '.BBot'])['mkdir', HOME_PATH + '.BBot/trekbot'])['touch', HOME_PATH + '.BBot/trekbot/whitelist'])['touch', HOME_PATH + '.BBot/trekbot/blacklist'])
print(' * Finishing with ' + HOME_PATH + '.BBot/')['mkdir', HOME_PATH + '.BBot/storage'])
* Now writing your config file to disk
This file may be found at ~/.BBot/config.cfg
Thanks for installing BBot!''')
with open(CONFIG_PATH, 'wb') as configfile: