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#! /usr/bin/python
'''Run unittests on BBot and some of its modules.'''
import sys
import unittest
if ('--help') in sys.argv:
print('BBot Unit Tester')
print(' --test <list of options>')
print(' Test only the code listed after test (seperate by commas')
print(' ex: ./ --test api, BBot')
# Tests to Run
if ('--test' in sys.argv):
tests = sys.argv[sys.argv.find('--test')+1].split(', ')
tests = ['api', 'backends_async']
# Import test classes
if ('api' in tests):
from unittests.test_api import TestAPI
if ('backends_async' in tests):
# from unittests.test_backends_async import TestAsync
print('tests for backends_async do not exist yet')
# Run the loaded tests
if (__name__ == '__main__'):
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