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Acme::Addslashes - Perl 6 port of Perl 5 version of Acme::Addslashes which is "port" of PHP addslashes() function. Or something.


use Acme::Addslashes;

my $unsafe_string  = "Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--";

my $totally_safe_string = addslashes($unsafe_string);

# $totally_safe_string now contains:
# R̸o̸b̸e̸r̸t̸'̸)̸;̸ ̸D̸R̸O̸P̸ ̸T̸A̸B̸L̸E̸ ̸S̸t̸u̸d̸e̸n̸t̸s̸;̸-̸-̸

# If that's not enough slashes to be safe, I don't know what is



The only function exported by this module. Will literally add slashes to anything. Letters, numbers, punctuation, whitespace, unicode symbols. You name it, this function can add a slash to it.


Original function was written by James Aitken, this port was done by GlitchMr Ok, it's not really a port as logic wasn't copied. But you can call it a port if you want.

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