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Best PHP library - very easy to learn, just read very short README!
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PHP off the Rails

hi, guys. this is my newest library for php. it makes php apps instantly better. it supports modern technologies ,such as "off railing". it was made with memory in mind, so it unsets everything just in case PHP will forget ( not that this will ever happen because php is perfect :-) ) .

anyways ,this library is so easy to use that you probably could use it without guide, if not see that example

;// includ my awesome lib //;
;require 'off-rails.php'
;get('/', 'howdyworld')
;whatever('*', 'errorz')
;function howdyworld (){
;echo 'hello world
;function  errorz( $page) {
;  echo "i'm sorry, but..."
;   echo "$page doesn't exist!"
;echo 'would you like to create it'
; goto leave;
;      echo 'that would be fatal error, so i leaf'
; leave:
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