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Rename project #1

medlefsen opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Turns out drush-deploy is taken, as are a number of other names.

I was really hoping to have deploy in the name but due to the Deploy drupal module that will be hard.

Some thoughts:

  • drush-cap
  • drush-site-deploy
  • crush (cap + drush)
  • goya (sister city of Capistrano, namesake of the project)

Also, there is the issue of the name transition. Current thought is to switch to the new name with the release of version 2, setting up a new github and leaving the old name/gems around with a pointer to the new name.


I liked the crush-deploy name someone mentioned during the con-call. That's how I've been referring to the project ever since. It may be a little bit harder to enunciate when you want people to hear "crush" and not "drush", but oh well.

On the plus side, you could give a presentation titled, "Crush Your Drupal Site". :D


+1 on goya.


Assuming we were to ever put something on "crush-deploy" might be a bit odd and still conflict.

crush isn't bad though.

From chat:

alibby: Nobody like crush?
alibby: I like goya the best, to be frank.
matt: yeah, I kind of like goya as well
jasonmay: I like goya too
alibby: Short, related.


Come to a decision yet? Need another round of suggestions or feedback?

@medlefsen medlefsen was assigned
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