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These are the basic steps for configuring a windows environment that is capable of running vagrant-drupal. We use Cygwin to provide the necessary unix tools on windows.

  1. Install VirtualBox. No need to create a vm. Vagrant will do that for us.
  2. Download Cygwin's setup.exe, but don't run it.
  3. Download Cygwin auto installer batch file to the same folder as setup.exe
  4. Open a windows command prompt in that same folder
  5. Run cygwin_auto_installer. You can install Cygwin manually if you like. Just open the batch file to see which packages are required.
  6. Open Cygwin Terminal
  7. Run curl -L | bash -s stable. This installs RVM so we can easily manage versions of ruby.
  8. Run rvm install ruby-1.9.2
  9. Run rvm use 1.9.2
  10. Run gem install vagrant
  11. Run gem install librarian

Continue on with the vagrant-drupal Basic Usage section.

[NOTE] Even though the following steps work on windows, calling librarian-chef install when running through the Basic Usage section will result in a ruby error. It's a known issue.

Native tools on windows

  1. Install VirtualBox.
    • No need to start VirtualBox after installation.
  2. Install git and configure for github.
    • Once you have finished this step, close the Git Bash window.
  3. Install ruby via a RubyInstaller.
    • During setup, check the "Add Ruby executables to your PATH" option.
  4. Install RubyInstaller Development Kit.
  5. Open Git Bash and type:
    • gem install vagrant
    • gem install librarian
  6. Follow the vagrant-drupal "Basic Usage" section.
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