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jasonmay commented Jun 6, 2012

There are some things we acquire without any regard for version. Recently I ran into a bug with a change in rvm that was a few days old that caused the veewee box build to hang until the process was killed manually in another shell.

Some things that come to mind are:
rvm (
cpanm (

These are just URL shortcuts that redirect to github. We can just change the URLs to the github URL with a hardcoded SHA so that we don't risk backwards compatibility.

How should we be installing rvm in our templates to pin the version and be sure we avoid the hang? Example pinned rvm install command?


jasonmay commented Jun 6, 2012

Example: bash <(curl -kL --version 1.13.8 (or whatever version is chosen)

Alternatively we could track the scripts and run them locally, which saves us a download.

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