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Multiagent optimization system (MAOS) for the Flowshop Scheduling Problem (FSP)
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MAOS-FSP [1] is a multiagent optimization system (MAOS) for solving the Flowshop Scheduling Problem (FSP).

  • Current version: The mini Series V1.00.01 (Java)

License description

See the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License 3.0 for more details.

Please acknowledge the author(s) if you use this code in any way.

Quick start

Execute: Enter the directory "myprojects", then run the file "examples.bat".


[1] Xiao-Feng Xie. Round-table group optimization for sequencing problems. International Journal of Applied Metaheuristic Computing, 2012, 3(4): 1-24. [PDF]

General information

Portal: E-MAIL:

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