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DEPSO is an algorithm for (constrained) numerical optimization problem.
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DEPSO, or called DEPS, is an optimization algorithm hybridizing the advantages of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Differential Evolution (DE). It can be incorporated into cooperative group optimization (CGO) system.

The DEPSO paper has been cited over 400 times with various applications. DEPSO was also implemented (by Sun Microsystems Inc.) into NLPSolver (Solver for Nonlinear Programming), an extension of Calc in Apache OpenOffice.

Problem to be Solved

It solves (constrained) numerical optimization problem (NOP) as

where f(x) is the objective function and each g(x) is a constraint function to be satisfied, and c and d are constants. All the functions can be nonlinear and nonsmooth.

General information

Portal: E-MAIL: Xiao-Feng Xie

Version History

Current: The mini Series V1.00.04 (Java) with the DEPSO implementation

Quick start

  • Execute: Enter the directory "myprojects", then run the file "examples.bat".

  • Compile: Type "ant" to build, and the output file will be dist/depso.jar.

  • See src/problem for examples of constrain and unconstrained problem instances.

License description

See the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License 3.0 for more details.

Please acknowledge the author(s) if you use this code in any way.

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