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XGCM Example Gallery (under construction)

This repository stores the xgcm example repo for the Pangeo Gallery. It is configured to automatically build itself using binderbot. It is linked, via a git submodule, the the gallery website repo. Whenever the notebooks are updated in this, repository dispatch is used to trigger a gallery rebuild. This keeps always in sync with this repo.

The repo contains the following elements:

  • A set of jupyter notebooks, numbered in the order that we want them to appear on the gallery website.
  • A configuration file, binder-gallery.yaml, which provides important configuration parameters (see pangeo gallery documentation).
  • A thumbnail image (thumbnail.png), a 200 x 200 px image which represents the gallery content.
  • Github workflows, which make the magic happen! (Don't touch these.)

Contributing Examples

To contribute examples, please fork this repository and add a self contained notebook. The data for the example should be provided in one of these forms:

  1. Data available in the cloud (preferred): See 01_eccov4.ipynb for example.
  2. Add files to the xgcm-examples zenodo archive and access them from within the notebook *(see 02_mitgcm.ipynb and 04_nemo_idealized.ipynb for examples). This should only be done for small datasets.
  3. Other way of accessing data online and download locally from the notebook: See 03_MOM6.ipynb for examples.

For more information on how to set up a development environment see the xgcm contributors guide.


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