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Popup a textinput field to input text using IM (ibus, scim) in Sublime Text 2 under Linux.
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Install this repository via Package Control

Manual Install

cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages

git clone


  • FIRST, make sure you can use your Input Method normally (test it in some textinput field)
  • To insert text by using Input Method, use: Ctrl+Shift+Z
  • After input text, use: Ctrl+Enter or Enter to place text to last cursor position, or replace selected words on current context.
  • While text is selected after input, use Ctrl+Enter again to reach new line.
  • Usual key combination: Ctrl+Shift+Z -> Enter -> Ctrl+Enter (or End button to end of line)


  • This plugin is based on ColorPicker for inspiration.
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