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playing around with generating high-quality anagrams
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What is this

i'm playing around with anagrams. not sure how much longer this will keep my interest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but as long as it does, here's where i'll be doing it.

from pagan_army import AnagramHandler
anagrammer = AnagramHandler(anagramee='py anagram')
> 'pagan army'

things i might continue to iterate on:

high-level anagram behavior

  • enable the handler to have peek_ahead_n and then_yield_n with super simple internal strategy that penalizes for more words
  • extract the strategy to a stateless function
  • improve the strategy to consider parts of speech (e.g. adjective+noun > adjective+adverb)
  • reorder anagrams on the way out to optimize for readability

anagram generation performance

  • set up a test harness for evaluating the performance of an anagram_generator
  • get a baseline for what i currently have in a pretty jupyter notebook so i can come back to it later without context
  • implement letter sorting in words with a new sorted_anagram_generator and sorted_word_trie based on letter frequency in the dictionary (as opposed to alphabetical. write the dictionary to a new file as a dict for faster reads. test it.
  • implement a totally different anagram solution by simple dictionary lookups and recursive letters remaining. test it.


  • put it in a Flask app
  • build a front end
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