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Houdoku is a free and open source manga reader for the desktop.


  • Read manga from popular websites or import ones from your filesystem, all in one place.
  • Download chapters for offline reading.
  • Customizable reader interface with multiple layouts and settings.
  • Tagging and filtering support to easily browse and manage large libraries.
  • Cross-platform!

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Download Houdoku from the official website.

Alternatively, you can download manually from the GitHub releases page.


User guides and documentation are available on


Install dependencies:


Start the app in the dev environment:

yarn start


Application: This is an Electron application. The majority of the functionality is performed in the renderer thread. Exceptions are for cases like accessing the window class (i.e. to support minimizing the window), locating application directories, and for working with extensions. The renderer can invoke these functions through ipc.

UI: The interface uses React components. Most base components (text, buttons, links, etc.) come from the antd framework. Each component has a CSS file for custom styles.

State: Redux (and react-redux) is used for state management. There are several defined "features" (located in src/features/) which encompass the majority of user-initiated functionality. Using React Hooks is acceptable, but discouraged, for small components. This is a convenience; preferably all state should be handled by Redux.

Storage: Library data and settings are saved with localStorage. Thumbnails are stored in the user-data path.

Plugins/Extensions: See the houdoku-extensions repo. Dynamic loading is handled by aki-plugin-manager.


Houdoku does not host any material; it retrieves media from public websites ("content sources"). Support for content sources is provided through various extensions which can be installed/updated from the Extensions tab within the client. Houdoku is not affiliated with any content source.

There are no "recommended extensions", but you should feel free to try several and mix-and-match according to which ones work well for you.

If you would like to request support for a website or report an issue with an existing extension, please go to the houdoku-extensions repo.


MIT License