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Leaderboard retrieval script for the online game TagPro
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TagPro Leaderboards

TagPro Leaderboards is a script for retrieving leaderboard statistics from the online game TagPro, and posting those stats to the TagPro subreddit. It is intended to be run on AWS Lambda.



  1. Register a Reddit application. You should use the "script" classification.

  2. Identify the client_id and client_secret keys from the app's information panel.

  3. Create a file named in the same directory as and fill it with the following variables:

client_id = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"
client_secret = "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"
reddit_username = "YOUR_REDDIT_USERNAME"
reddit_password = "YOUR_REDDIT_PASSWORD"
dynamodb_name = "YOUR_DYNAMODB_TABLE_NAME"
dynamodb_region = "YOUR_DYNAMODB_TABLE_REGION"


From the AWS Console:

  1. Create a Lambda function.
    • Choose Python 3.7 as the runtime.
    • Upload the project directory as the source. The entrypoint is
    • >= 512MB memory allocation is preferred for quick execution.
  2. Create 3 CloudWatch rules.
    • Set a "Schedule" pattern with Cron expression:
      • daily: 59 19 * * ? *
      • weekly: 59 19 ? * 1 *
      • monthly: 59 19 1 * ? *
    • Set the target as the lambda function.
    • As input to the function, add JSON text {"board_name":"<value>"} where value is day/week/month.
  3. Create a DynamoDB table.
    • The partition key is a string called timestamp.
    • The sort key is a string called type.
    • Ensure the role for the Lambda function has the ability to read/write this table.

The Lambda console lets you test execute the script. Make use of it!


The script requires an argument containing the name of the board to retrieve: <day/week/month>

Alternatively, it can be run with the board_name environment variable set to one of the above values.

The script is intended to be executed separately even if boards are resetting simultaneously. For example, it is run three times on a day where both a weekly and monthly board reset (since the daily board resets every day).

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