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using System.Threading.Tasks;
using CoreDdd.Commands;
using CoreDddShared.Commands;
using Rebus.Bus;
using Rebus.Handlers;
namespace ServiceApp.CommandMessageHandlers
public class CreateNewShipCommandMessageHandler : IHandleMessages<CreateNewShipCommand>
private readonly ICommandExecutor _commandExecutor;
private readonly IBus _bus;
public CreateNewShipCommandMessageHandler(
ICommandExecutor commandExecutor,
IBus bus
_bus = bus;
_commandExecutor = commandExecutor;
public async Task Handle(CreateNewShipCommand command)
var createdShipId = 0;
_commandExecutor.CommandExecuted += args => createdShipId = (int)args.Args;
await _commandExecutor.ExecuteAsync(command);
await _bus.Reply(new CreateNewShipCommandReply {CreatedShipId = createdShipId});
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