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Bindings for node.js to interact and using the website. Install it using:

$ npm install tomahk

Create a playlist

tomahk.createPlaylist("Awesome playlist!", [
    {artist: "Bloc Party", title: "Ratchet"},
    {artist: "Vampire Weekend", title: "A-Punk"}
  ], function (url) {
    console.log("Playlist URL: " + url);

Get the URL for an album

var url = tomahk.albumUrl('Blur', '13');

Get the URL for a track

var url = tomahk.trackUrl('Bloc Party', 'Ratchet');
// redirects this to a shortened url which you can get via
tomahk.shortTrackUrl('Bloc Party', 'Ratchet', function (url) {
  console.log('Listen to Bloc Party - Ratchet at ' + url);

Get the URL for an artist

var url = tomahk.artistUrl('Bloc Party');