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This is a set of patches, scripts and a manifest to build latest Firefox using Flatpak. It is using GNOME 3.22 as base runtime.


Run ./setup_runtime.sh to download and install GNOME 3.20 SDK and GNOME 3.22 SDK for Flatpak.

Currently there are three builds available:

  • org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly - to build latest nightly
  • org.mozilla.FirefoxNightlyWayland - to build nightly with wayland support
  • org.mozilla.FirefoxDevEdition - Firefox Developer Edition (branded aurora build)

To build specific build run:

./build.sh BUILD_NAME

for example

./build.sh org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly

will build Firefox from master branch.

After the build is finished you can install the app by:

./install.sh BUILD_NAME

To start Firefox use:

flatpak run BUILD_NAME

For example:

flatpak run org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly


Created repository with some additional instructions can be found there: https://firefox-flatpak.mojefedora.cz/