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#WUP Installer GX2 RPX# This a RPX port of Dj_Skual's WUP Installer GX2 which can be found here (

If you create a modification and share it, please keep the Title ID the same, or submit the Title ID to us so we can update the list of custom Title IDs so nobody uses the same Title ID for different apps. You could even modify the xml files to create your release as an update to this one, so the old one doesn't have to be deleted. You can find all the Title IDs on this page ( .

#Building# In order to build this application, you need the custom liboGC and portlibs modified/created by dimok. You can find them on the loadiine_gx2 repo ( Simply put the files in your devkit folder and run the Makefile. You will also need to install WUT from the repo ( .

#Credits# A big thanks goes out to Dj_Skual for creating the original WUP Installer GX2.

Also to Yardape8000 for creating the wup installer y mod which WUP Installer GX2 was based on. His repo ( .

And of course dimok who created the original apps HBL and Loadiine which use the same base, as well as the original wupinstaller. Big thanks to him as well.


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