General purpose extensible PHP 5.3 components relying on Zend Framework 1.x components for their functionality or directly extrapolating on ZF capabilities.
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This component is too generic and would soon become a write-only code dump. Individual components will be moved to their own respective repositories and this repository deleted as soon as possible.

Xi Zend

General component outline

Xi\Storage : Simple read / write storage capabilities with Zend_Auth_Storage_Interface compatibility.

Xi\Zend\Auth : Authentication adapters for Zend Framework. Contains only Doctrine 2+ ORM authentication adapter for now.


Usage for Doctrine ORM adapter:

    // Conditions for the query to match
    $conditions = array(
        // Simple condition
        'email' => '',

        // Complex conditions can be expressed with a Condition class
        'password' => new Xi\Zend\Auth\Condition\DoctrineORMCondition('SHA1(CONCAT(:applicationSalt, CONCAT(:password, u.passwordSalt)))', array(
            'applicationSalt' => 'my secret application salt',
            'password'        => 'user password',

    $adapter = new Xi\Zend\Auth\Adapter\DoctrineORMAdapter(
        $em,            // $em instanceof Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager
        'Entity\User',  // Entity class to select from
        'u',            // Entity class alias to be used in query
        'email',        // Name of the column whose value will be used as the identity when creating Zend_Auth_Result