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mfbs (motherfuckingbootstap) is a CSS microframework inspired by twitter bootstrap and

I found that I started every new project with mostly the same CSS code. So instead of duplicating that code again and again, I distilled the base styles from several projects into this little library.

It is written in Sass and consists of variable definitions (variables.scss), some basic styling (base.scss) and some optional components.

See how it looks here and here.

how to use it

// First, define your own variables
@import "variables";

// Import basic styling and default variables
@import "mfbs/variables";
@import "mfbs/base";

// Optionally import some opinionated styling
@import "mfbs/form";

// Import your own components
@import "components/header";
@import "components/navigation";
@import "components/article";


  • mfbs on its own is completely sufficient for simple text-only websites.
  • It can easily be customized with variables.
  • The default colors were carefully picked to look nice and satisfy minimum contrast requirements.
  • Opinionated styling for buttons, layout, and some more things is available in optional modules.
  • Base styles have low specificity, so they can easily be extended with custom components.
  • The small set of variables is very focused and scales well for projects of any size.

when to use

  • Use the default for simple general-purpose styling
  • For small projects, overwrite some variables and define some custom components (e.g. header)
  • For large projects, you probably do not want to include the optional, opinionated modules. But the base styles and variables are still a solid base to build on.


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