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Sass-Planifolia - Vanilla Sass helper functions

Compass was great, but it has been unmaintained for a while now. In addition, the rise of libSass means that ruby extensions are no longer a good way forward.

Planifolia is a collection of commonly used helper functions. It does not depend on a specific implementation of the Sass compiler.

The following modules are included:

  • math for high performance math functions
  • contrast for WCAG compatible color contrast functions
  • color for CIELAB/CIELUV based color functions (with support for HSLuv)
  • clearfix for compass compatible clearfix mixins
  • grid for simple grid mixins

These modules can be imported individually (color depends on math though). Also note that these modules will only define mixins and variables. They will not output any CSS. This means that importing them does not add a single byte to your CSS.

See the full documentation for more details.

Quick start

npm install sass-planifolia

Import it in your Sass files:

@import "node_modules/sass-planifolia/sass/math";
@import "node_modules/sass-planifolia/sass/contrast";
@import "node_modules/sass-planifolia/sass/color";

.test {
    background-color: red;

    // pick between two colors (default: black and white) to get good contrast
    color: contrast-color(red);

    // mix orange with black or white to get good contrast to red
    border-color: contrast-stretch(red, orange);

    // mix red with black in a perceptually uniform color space
    box-shadow: 0 0 1em pf-shade(red, 0.5, 'lab');

    // calculate modular scale dynamically
    font-size: 16px * pow(1.5, 2);

What is not included?

  • Vendor prefixes, polyfills or browser hacks. There are plenty of librariers for that.
  • pt/px/em/rem conversion. That is (a) not possible and (b) not helpful. Each unit has its specific use case. Learn to use the right units directly!

Similar libraries

  • mathsass is another very good pure-sass math implementation.
  • accoutrement-color and bourbon also contain WCAG-appropriate color-contrast functions, but they ignore alpha-transparency.
  • eyeglass-math and chromatic-sass also do advanced math/color manipulation, but they can only be used with node-sass.