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Yet another Twitter API proxy written in Go language

##Deploy within one minute


  1. Create an application on OpenShift, Choose Go Language
  2. Copy URL of this repo
  3. Paste URL into Source Code in OpenShift configuration page
  4. Click Create Application
  5. Done! You don't need any code skill to deploy, yay!


Deployment to heroku is a bit more complicated than OpenShift, but still easier than any other api proxies.

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Create an application in Heroku Dashboard, you will be redirected to Settings of your newly created application.
  3. Find Config Variables in Settings segment, click Reveal Config Vars, then press Edit
  4. Add a new variable, the key is BUILDPACK_URL, and the value is, click Save.
  5. Find Connect to Github in Deploy segment, gives Heroku your Github access, then type the repo name that you've forked, click Connect.
  6. Find Manual deploy, click Deploy Branch.
  7. Done! Why deploy to heroku? I don't know. Just provide one more choice for you ;)

###Any devices with Golang support

  1. Clone the repo;
  2. Run go build apiproxy.go;
  3. Run PORT=8080 ./apiproxy;
  4. Done!
  5. You can use Apache or Nginx to act as a reverse proxy to enable TLS encryption.

##Support my work

Donation methods

  • Me: mariotaku.lee[AT]

  • Our designer: pay[AT]

PayPal & Alipay accepted.

Bitcoin: 1FHAVAzge7cj1LfCTMfnLL49DgA3mVUCuW