Tag support for laravel models
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Laravel Tag Plugin

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This package is not meant to handle javascript or html in any way. This package handles database storage and read/writes only.

There are no real limits on what characters can be used in a tag. It uses a slug transform to determine if two tags are identical ("sugar-free" and "Sugar Free" would be treated as the same tag). Tag display names are run through Str::title()

Composer Install

"require": {
    "rtconner/laravel-tagging": "dev-master"

Run the migrations

php artisan migrate --package=rtconner/laravel-tagging

Setup your models

class Article extends \Eloquent {
    use Conner\Tagging\Taggable;

Sample Usage

$article->tag('Gardening'); // attach the tag

$article->untag('Cooking'); // remove Cooking tag
$article->untag(); // remove all tags

$article->retag(array('Fruit', 'Fish')); // delete current tags and save new tags

$article->tagged(); // return Collection of rows tagged to article

$article->tagNames(); // get array of related tag names	

Article::withAnyTag('Gardening, Cooking')->get() // fetch articles with any tag listed
Article::withAnyTag(array('Gardening','Cooking'))->get() // different sytax same result as above

Article::withAllTags('Gardening, Cooking')->get() // only fetch articles with all the tags

Conner\Tagging\Tag::where('count', '>', 2)->get(); // return all tags used more than twice