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man update underlying R code Jun 14, 2019
vignettes add figure May 28, 2019
.Rbuildignore initializing MicrobiomeAnalystR May 2, 2019
.gitignore added preproc vignette May 28, 2019
DESCRIPTION update underlying R code Jun 14, 2019
MicrobiomeAnalystR.Rproj commit again May 28, 2019
NAMESPACE update underlying R code Jun 14, 2019 code cleaning May 16, 2019



  1. Add download code for local (i.e. file paths in sdp_utils). - done, need to check
  2. Update all documentation for important functions.
  3. Verify returns for web vs. local.
  4. Re-order code - utilites move to bottom.
  5. Fix up Sweave Reporter - make sure new images are created.
  6. Verify if fast_tax_glom used.
  7. Verify @import with load_libs.
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