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Hadoop Eco System Repository

What is Xadoop ( EasyHadoop before, I change the name with the trademark problem )?

It's open source hadoop installing , management , monitoring platform which is lightweight, and easy to use.

  • Xadoop written in php (CodeIgniter) and python, focus on readability and user friendly toward quick installation and management your HADOOP cluster.
  • It's easy to use A collection HADOOP cluster manager simplifies development and makes deploying a cinch. You can admin or install your HADOOP Ecosystem cluster very quickly with just one mouse click on Management pages.


  • Support CentOS 5.x or 6.x or Ubuntu 12.04, Uses Apache Hadoop(R) 1.1.2-1, including lzo compress libary and snappy compress libary by default.
  • Environmental requirements :Apache, php, mysql .Recommend LAMP, or Nginx php mysql


Just run setup_(os)(ver).py to install, do not install by manually, cause there is a security token generator in setup(os)_(ver).py ##Community
website phphiveadmin


I love to see people contribute to Exadoop, whether it's a bug report, feature suggestion or a pull request. At the moment, I try to keep the core slick and lean, focusing on basic needs, so some of your suggestions might not find their way into Easyhadoop. For those ideas, we started a list of 3rd party plug-ins, where you can link your own plug-in repositories. For the future, I'm thinking about ways to easier add them them into our main releases.


Released under the GPLv3 license. For full details see the LICENSE file included in this distribution.

If you want to be committer.

Tell me that you project on using Exadoop, or add your site to our website so we can watch the community grow.

Using GPL software phpseclib highcharts kendoui

Using APACHE software Thrift Bootstrap