mulitple bytes for ruby string (just test it for chinese characters)
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I did it more than 2 years ago:-)

a simple example:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/mb_string.rb'
str = "chinese中文"
charset = "utf-8"

puts str.mb_sub(2, 6)
puts str.mb_sub(-2, 2)
puts str.mb_sub(0, 4, '...')
puts str.mb_size
puts str.mb_reverse
puts str.mb_shuffle
puts str.mb_utf8(:charset => charset)
puts str.mb_utf8(:charset => charset, :cstyle => true)
puts str.mb_hex(:charset => charset)
puts str.mb_hex(:charset => charset, :java_style => true)
puts str.mb_dec(:charset => charset)
puts str.mb_to_arr.join(',')

PS: I don't have any plan to upgrade the script fow now untill if someone need some changes!!