Install missing header <lapacke_mangling.h> introduced with LAPACK v3.4.1 #101

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Hello Xianyi,

LAPACK 3.4.1 introduced a new header file <lapacke_mangling.h> which I had missed when preparing the upgrade - see the patch below.


diff --git a/Makefile.install b/Makefile.install
index 62ceda9..a74f3d6 100644
--- a/Makefile.install
+++ b/Makefile.install
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ ifndef NO_LAPACKE
    @echo Copying LAPACKE header files to $(OPENBLAS_LIBRARY_DIR)
    @-cp $(NETLIB_LAPACK_DIR)/lapacke/include/lapacke.h $(OPENBLAS_INCLUDE_DIR)/lapacke.h
    @-cp $(NETLIB_LAPACK_DIR)/lapacke/include/lapacke_config.h $(OPENBLAS_INCLUDE_DIR)/lapacke_config.h
+   @-cp $(NETLIB_LAPACK_DIR)/lapacke/include/lapacke_mangling_with_flags.h $(OPENBLAS_INCLUDE_DIR)/lapacke_mangling.h
    @-cp $(NETLIB_LAPACK_DIR)/lapacke/include/lapacke_utils.h $(OPENBLAS_INCLUDE_DIR)/lapacke_utils.h
@xianyi xianyi added a commit that closed this issue Apr 28, 2012
@xianyi Fixed #101. Install the missing lapacke header with LAPACK-3.4.1. Tha…
…nk Zaheer for this patch.
@xianyi xianyi closed this in d48a1d1 Apr 28, 2012
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