FMA3 + piledriver #299

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Just a heads up that we (PathScale) do support FMA4, but a user requested FMA3. It was requested for piledriver + AMD, but on the piledriver box I have access to - the cpuinfo isn't reporting FMA3 support. (only fma4) This could be an error in cpuinfo and the OS on the box may need to be updated. I'll investigate further. Mostly adding this ticket for general reference and feel free to close

Although wikipedia claims that Piledriver has FMS3 support (, the AMD site says that it has FMA4 ( I don't know if the AMD page shows all the characteristics...

All that means nothing if CPUID doesn't report that the CPU supports FMA3 - The OS may need to be updated to something recent enough so that the feature is properly identified.

aha.. I see my error. FMA3 is identified as simply "fma".

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