Grails ZK UI Plugin 0.5 Release Notes

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February 18, 2012,Grails ZK UI Plugin 0.5 has been released.

This is a final release of branch 0.5 to update to ZK 6.0.

ZK 6.0 brings with it a whole host of changes,

ZK UI 0.5 update Notes:

1、For users upgrading from ZK UI 0.5.M2 to ZK UI 0.5, please visit this blog to check out the differences

2、For users upgrading from 0.4.x or 0.5.M2 to ZK UI 0.5

Renderer Interface such as org.zkoss.zul.RowRenderer,org.zkoss.zul.ListitemRenderer are changed.


RowRenderer is from render(Row row, java.lang.Object data) to render(Row row, T data, int index)

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