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Cantas is a real-time collaborative web application.This is a side project, used as internal productivity tool in Red Hat.

This we believe, is a great open source project for learning HTML5/Nodejs/ technology.

Build Status

Thanks for all Contributors

project screenshot

Getting started

Demo Site

deploy to openshift

rhc domain create <yournamespace>

rhc app create cantas nodejs-0.10 -s

cd cantas/

rhc cartridge add mongodb-2.4 -a cantas

rhc cartridge add "" -a cantas

git remote add upstream -m master

git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master

git push

rhc env set NODE_ENV=production -a cantas

# Caution: please input your variabes in .openshift/lib/init_settings

rhc app restart -a cantas

Note: Please update your settings value in .openshift/lib/init_settings before push to Openshift Online service.

Setup development environment

  • rpm requirements:

    sudo yum install -y krb5-devel krb5-libs krb5-workstation
  • install Nodejs, npm, MongoDB, Redis.

    # nodejs & npm
    tar -xvf node-v0.10.22.tar.gz
    cd node-v0.10.22
    ./configure && make
    sudo make install
    # mongo
    sudo yum install mongodb mongodb-server
    # redis
    sudo yum install redis

Note: If you got g++: command not found while you installing nodejs, you can install it by sudo yum install gcc-c++.

  • checkout source code and update node packages via npm

    git clone
    cd nodejs-cantas
    npm install
  • start redis server and mongodb server

    # if you have installed them as services, do
    sudo systemctl start redis
    sudo systemctl start mongod
    # or
    sudo service redis start
    sudo service mongod start
    # otherwise,
    redis-server &
    && mongod --dbpath=/tmp &
  • start the app

    # update settings values
    cp settings.json.example settings.json
    # setup initalize data
    node scripts/db_init_label_metadata.js
    # start the app
    NODE_ENV=development node app.js

Note: Make sure the mongod deamon is running before starting the app. To enable Google signin you will need to create a Client ID in the Google Developer Console.

That's it.


Integration && Test Environment


Template engine


cantas is a real-time collaborative application similar to Trello.


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  • JavaScript 78.5%
  • CSS 19.0%
  • Shell 1.2%
  • Other 1.3%