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Style Check

a Sublime Text 3 Package to check English writing style


This tool help you check grammar and style when writing scientific/professional articles.

style-check.rb is a great command line tool for such purpose. However, it is more convenient to integrate it into my favorite text editor. This package is a wrapper around the ruleset used in style-check.rb.


  • Download and unpack into your sublime text 3 packages folder, or
  • Git clone into your sublime text 3 packages folder git clone

How to Use

  1. Open console with ctrl + `
  2. Select some text in the editor or put cursor under a word to check
  3. Run the style_correct command
  • via hotkey ctrl+alt+g
  • via right-click context menu > Google Spell Check
  • via Command Pallet, ctrl+shift+p (command+shift+p in OSX) > Style Check
  1. Browse the console for the style suggestions



  • I learned how to create this package by studying another Sublime text package - google-spell-check