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This plugin was forked from github-vim, but use with GitLab.


This is a quick and dirty Vim plugin to use some GitLab features locally from Vim.

It enables you to:

  • Open a link to the corresponding GitLab file of a local Vim selection
  • Add a comment to the corresponding GitLab commit of a locally selected line


Install using pathogen.vim, Vundle, NeoBundle, or your favorite Vim package manager.


Set g:easy_gitlab_url in your ~/.vimrc file:

let g:easy_gitlab_url = ''

Then you can:

  • Open selection: create a selection in visual mode and press glo
  • Comment commit: on the relevant line press glc in normal mode

To remap the keybinding in your ~/.vimrc use:

  • map <F5> <Plug>GitlabOpen
  • map <F6> <Plug>GitlabComment