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Oh My Emacs ChangeLog



  • split ome files to core and modules


  • By default, use git shallow clone for el-get to save time and bandwidth.
  • Upgrade the builtin org-mode to latest 8.x branch.
  • Enhance ome-load and ome-install function.
  • ome-package-list-to-org-table function to get a list of installed el-get packages in org-mode format.
  • Improve compatibility for Mac OS X.

ome-completion module

  • Enable filename completion in text-mode, org-mode and prog-mode.

ome-cc module

  • Auto-complete support for C/C++ macros

ome-experimental module

  • Put some unstable useful package in ome-experimental module, such as
    • smooth-scrolling
    • hungry-delete
    • fill-column-indicator
    • doxymacs(moved out from ome-cc module)

ome-java module

  • Integrate emacs-eclim for Java development.

ome-lisp module

  • split the all-in-one ome-lisp module to
    • ome-emacs-lisp module
    • ome-common-lisp module
    • ome-clojure module
    • ome-scheme module

ome-javascript module

  • Experimental support for JavaScript development
  • Enable the following package by default:
    • js3-mode
    • tern
    • nodejs-repl
  • Also contains some sample config code for:
    • js-comint
    • js2-mode
    • swank-js
    • skewer-mode

ome-ocaml module

  • Minimal ocaml development support


  • Add diminish, cleanup mode line
  • Add po-mode for i18n/l10n work
  • Refine smartparens auto newline in cc-mode
  • linum-mode
    • Generally, only enable linum-mode in text-mode and prog-mode
    • Enable linum-mode in some minor mode.
  • Various doc updates
    • add CONTRIBUTING guide
    • lots of typo fix



  • Add prerequisites matrix and el-get packages matrix.


  • add evil-leader
  • add evil-surround
  • fix evil cursor color for better compatibility with Emacs color-theme


  • Add completion matrix to show the current status of auto-complete support to various programming languages.
  • add ac-geiser, new auto-complete backend for geiser.


  • Basic ruby support
    • inf-ruby
    • smartparens-ruby
    • auto-mode-alist for ruby

ome-advanced module

  • add expand-region.el
  • add ace-jump-mode
  • add ack-and-a-half


  • Fix a $PATH problem in Mac OS, thanks @judevc.


  • add lacarte, the interactive menubar
  • Basic flycheck support.
  • lots of typo fix.


Basic settings

Basic stuff

  • set tab-width to 4
  • uniquify buffers with same name
  • saveplace and recentf
  • turn-on-auto-fill for text-mode and prog-mode
  • global-auto-revert-mode for monitoring file changes
  • global-subword-mode for better code navigation
  • delete-trailing-whitespace before save.
  • other convenient settings such as yes-or-no-p prompt, bell rings, etc.


  • powerline
  • yascroll for a tiny scrollbar
  • use “Monaco” font if available
  • disable menu-bar by default
  • adopt solarized color-theme


  • Adopt c-context-line-break for (kbd "RET")
  • Toggle on hungry-delete and auto-newline
  • Open “.h” file in c++-mode by default
  • CMake file editing support
  • Doxymacs support
  • Cscope for code indexing
  • Completion with auto-complete-clang

Completion everywhere

  • M-/ for hippie-expand
  • Enable auto-complete by default, together with an ac support for pcomplete
  • Use the ubiquitous helm for minibuffer, files/buffer switch completion support
  • Yasnippet for template insertion


Emacs Lisp

  • turn-on-eldoc-mode by default
  • auto-complete in ielm and eshell

Common Lisp

  • Adopt SLIME with a fancy default settings
  • ac-slime provide auto-complete backend
  • Out-of-box support for sbcl/ccl/clisp


  • Adopt nrepl, which is similar with SLIME
  • ac-nrepl provide auto-complete backend


  • Adopt geiser, which is similar with SLIME
  • Also provide a pseudo code snippet for swank-chicken if you like


  • Enable some dangerous commands such as narrow-to-page, narrow-to-region
  • Toggle on emacs server mode by default
  • Adopt rainbow-delimiters-mode for colorful parens
  • Open image and compressed files transparently
  • Enable outline-minor-mode for prog-mode
  • Adopt magit for git integration
  • global-visual-line-mode t
  • Projectile for simple project management
  • Smartparens as the ultimate solution for pair management in Emacs
  • Emacs-w3m for browsing html docs when you don’t want to leave Emacs
  • Quickrun to run code snippets instantly

Org-mode settings

  • Enable org-mode speed keys by default
  • Enable org-src-fontify-natively
  • Integrate with htmlize for html export, solves a conflict between htmlize and rainbow-delimiters-mode
  • Enable cdlatex for org-mode


  • Adopt elpy, the one for all solution for Python in Emacs, together with a comprehensive documentation

\TeX and \LaTeX

  • Use xetex as the default TeX-engine for better support for \TeX{} font selection and PDF export.
  • Enable outline-minor-mode and flyspell-mode.
  • Enable TeX-interactive-mode, TeX-PDF-mode, TeX-fold-mode and reftex-mode.
  • Favors Okular and Evince as the default viewer in Linux, and fallbacks to xdg-open if both Okular and Evince is unavailable.
  • turn-on-cdlatex with AUCTeX


  • markdown-mode support
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