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syntax = "proto3";
package kkdev.v2ray.ConfigureEncoding;
option go_package = "encoding";
message LibV2RayQRCode {
//Declare QRCodeType
string Type = 1;
bytes MsgChecksum = 2; //Always use SHA3-256
//If there is too much data to be encoded in one QR code
//We can let user can scan mutiply QR codes and construct.
enum MessageSegmentionType{
NoSegmention = 0;
Reconstruct = 1;
MessageSegmentionType MessageSegType = 3;
int32 GroupCount = 4;
int32 MessgaeNumber = 5;
bytes Payload = 6;
//int32 ReconstructPadTo = 7;
bytes PayloadChecksum = 8; //Always use SHA3-256
int32 OriginalSegmentNum = 9;
int32 payloadTotalSize =10;