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A Simple And Elegant Ghost Theme Derive From Default Theme Casper.

Ghost 3.x Kaldorei 3.0.0

English | 简体中文




  • Blog main theme is set to be fresh green

  • The post's font color is ink blue

  • Back To Top

  • Code Highlight

  • Side Bar

    • Tag Cloud

    • Table of Content

    • Site Info

    • Author Info

  • Post Page

    • Author Info
  • Loading Posts Animation

  • Responsive Design

  • Archives

  • Image LightBox

  • Blog Global Search

  • Color & Fonts

  • Dark mode

Config Reference

🌐 Language ^2.x

Ghost2.x version supports set the language of your site, Kaldorei also supports Chinese/English switching, the default value is en.

Configure:ghost admin > General > Publication Language Enter zh

🏷️ Tag Statistics ^2.x

In Ghost2.x version, Kaldorei uses the ghost api for statistics. so you need to enable the Public API function in the Ghost Labs.

Configure:ghost admin > Labs > Enable Beta Features > Checked Public API

🌄 Lightbox ^2.x

Kaldorei integrates fancyBox 3,supports picture lightbox effect, slide show carousel, full screen preview, thumbnail preview and other fancy features. Preview & usage Preview_Usage

💬 Disqus ^2.x

Kaldorei supports Disqus plugins,only need a short code snippet in the ghost admin code injection.

Configure:ghost admin > Code Injection > Blog Header

    var disqus_shortname = 'your_disqus_shortname';

🗂 Archives ^2.x

Kaldorei provides simple archives features, using ghost api to generate site archives. PreviewBlog Archives

Ghost 3.x Configure:ghost admin

  1. Pages -> New Page -> Enter the title "Archives", At this time, the page url is archives by default.
  2. Design > Create an archive navigation,URL:http://your_blog_url/archives;
  3. Done! Go to your site find your archives page. Have fun.

Ghost 2.x Configure:ghost admin

  1. New Post > Enter the title "Archives", At this time, the page url is archives by default.
  2. Post Settings > Checked Turn this post into a page,Then Publish;
  3. Navigation > Create an archive navigation,URL:http://your_blog_url/archives;
  4. Done! Go to your site find your archives page. Have fun.

🎨 Code Highlighting Theme ^2.x

Kaldorei uses highlight.js to achieve code highlight,the default theme is: monokai-sublime

Configuration:ghost admin > Code Injection > Blog Header

<!-- use solarized-light style -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/assets/plugins/highlight-latest/styles/solarized-light.css" />

Fully Themes List

🔢 Show code line number ^3.x

New feature in Version 3.x

Kaldorei supports config the line number of code snippets,show line numbers to the left of each code blocks, it's closed by default,also support dark / light mode

Configuration:ghost admin > Code Injection > Blog Header

  var hljsSettings = {
    // Optional value: flase / true, default: false
    lineNumber: true,
    // Optional value: dark / light,default: 'dark'
    mode: 'light'

Not only the line number can be configured, but also the background color of the line number can be customized. The default line number background color is as follows:

:root {
  --linenumber-dark-bg: #282c34;
  --linenumber-light-bg: #c5d2d9;

🔍 Global Search ^2.x

Search engine supports search by blog title by default,This feature need the ghost version >= 2.10.x

Configure by two steps:

1、Create Custom Integrations

Configure:ghost admin > Integrations > Add custom integration


2、Configure Variables

Configure:ghost admin > Code Injection > Blog Header

  var searchSettings = {
    key: '__CONTENT__API__KEY__',  // Your custom integration Content API Key
    host: '__API__URL__',  // Your custom integration API URL

🌈 Custom Color & Fonts ^2.x

Starting from kaldorei v2.1.0 version, users can customize the color and font of your site.


Configure:ghost admin > Code Injection > Blog Header

:root {
  --primary-color: #4af;
  --primary-light-hover: #4cf;
  --primary-dark-hover: #49f;

Fully replaceable variables

🔖 Bookmark card ^3.x

Starting from Ghost v3.x version, It provides a new bookmark card feature, it can show the page title、excerpt、author、publisher and even a preview image. Like this:


Kaldorei supports bookmark card feature in the 3.x version, How to Configure, Checkout official website



MIT © xiaoluoboding