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Graph Visualizer

The app aims to help creating, visualizing and exporting graphs. It is powered by PyQt5 – a set of Python bindings for the C++ library Qt.

Running the app

Before running the app, make sure to:

  • have Python installed.
  • install the PyQt5 library by running pip install pyqt5 in your terminal.

To launch the app, run using Python.

Import/export format

The app uses a simple format for importing and exporting graph. It consists of a list of vertices of the graph. The syntax is as follows, with the values in square brackets being optional:

n1 [direction] n2 [w1] [w2], where

  • n1 and n2 are labels of the nodes that are connected
  • [direction] is only used in directed graphs, and could be either -> (going from n1 to n2), <- (going from n2 to n1) and <> (going both ways)
  • [w1] is the weight of the vertex from n1 to n2
  • [w2] is the weight of the vertex from n2 to n1; is only used in the case of n1 <> n2 w1 w2

Examples of valid graphs can be found in the graph examples/ folder. Note that as long as the file is not binary, the extension doesn't matter.

Sample Images

Sample Images

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