The 2048 game implemented in Qt
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A clone of 2048, implemented in Qt.


  • Cross platform
    Currently tested on Windows and Linux. Should be able to run on Mac OS X or even Android and iOS.
  • Shipped with multiple variants
    • 2048
    • Degree (学位)
    • Military Rank (军衔)
    • PRC (天朝)
  • Multi-language support, currently


  • Classical 2048 Screenshot of Classical 2048

  • 2048 Degree Screenshot of 2048 Degree


Check for compiled binary executable files.


All required Qt libraries have been packed into one .exe file. So it should work out of the box.


The Qt libraries (version >= 5.2.1) are required. Make sure that they are installed on your system.

Arch Linux

Install the AUR package 2048-qt through:

yaourt 2048-qt

And please vote it if you like it.


Alejandro Garrido Mota has packaged it for Debian. On Debian unstable, install it through:

sudo apt-get install 2048-qt


2048-Qt is available from the overlay maintained by Jorge Pizarro Callejas:

layman -a jorgicio
emerge 2048-qt


From Ubuntu 14.10 on, install it through:

sudo apt-get install 2048-qt


  • Allow the user to add his own label systems
  • AI support