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Feedhenry Studio

Implementation in Node using Express.JS, templating and FHC.


All that's required to run this project is NodeJS and npm.
packages.json looks after all dependencies.

1. install node.js, npm and redis

install node.js (see node.js website )

install npm Node Package Manager

curl | sh

install redis see:

see packages.json (npm's configuration file) for details on packages used

2. install fh-studio

$ git clone
$ cd fh-studio
$ npm install -d
$ # optionally set FeedHenry backend using fhc target (default is
$ fhc target
$ node server.js 
$ open

//TODO: At present, the DustJS module needs to have this line removed to work with node 0.6:
lib/server.js:6 require.paths.unshift(path.join(__dirname, '..'));

Post installation tips

  • After making changes to any templates, run 'jake ct' to compile the templates.
  • modules which extend commandline, for example fhc, run, jake should be installed globally (use -g option with npm). Example : npm install fhc -g
  • consider using run.js : you won't have to restart server after changing the code.

Important Resources & Reading

Here's a collection of docs pages on the libraries and packages used in fh-studio

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