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  • The Scotty monads (ScottyM and ActionM) are now monad transformers, allowing Scotty applications to be embedded in arbitrary MonadIOs. The old API continues to be exported from Web.Scotty where:

      type ScottyM = ScottyT IO
      type ActionM = ActionT IO

    The new transformers are found in Web.Scotty.Trans. See the globalstate example for use. Special thanks to Dan Frumin (co-dan) for much of the legwork here.

  • Added support for HTTP PATCH method.

  • Removed lambda action syntax. This will return when we have a better story for typesafe routes.

  • reqHeader :: Text -> ActionM Text ==> reqHeader :: Text -> ActionM (Maybe Text)

  • New raw method to set body to a raw ByteString

  • Parse error thrown by jsonData now includes the body it couldn't parse.

  • header split into setHeader and addHeader. The former replaces a response header (original behavior). The latter adds a header (useful for multiple Set-Cookies, for instance).