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A LaTeX beamer template to facilitate making slides for CUZ courses.
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This is a LaTeX template based on the metropolis beamer theme, and customized for the convenience of making slides for Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ).

Related Repo

  • cuzthesis: a LaTeX thesis template for CUZ students.

Project Structure

The structure of this project is shown and explained below:

├── demo.pdf
├── demo.tex
├── images
│   ├── cuzlogo-brown.pdf
│   ├── cuzlogo-dark.pdf
│   ├── cuzlogo-light.pdf
│   ├── cuzlogo.pdf
│   └── ...
├── initialization.tex
├── references.bib
└── styles
    ├── cuzbeamer.cls
    └── tikz-uml.sty
  • styles/: a folder containing the class file cuzbeamer.cls and the package tikz-uml.sty (written by Nicolas Kielbasiewicz);
  • images/: a folder containing images and figures used by the main .tex file (the school logos are also in it, and should not be modified or removed);
  • initialization.tex: common info imported by the main .tex files, involving: author's name and e-mail, title, subtitle and date, users should assign theses variables beforehand;
  • demo.tex: the demo source file, showing how to use this cuzbeamer class to make a proper set of slides;
  • references.bib (optional): the bib file used for bibtex to import references.

Users are supposed to add new .tex files at the same level of demo.tex, and specify their own common info in initialization.tex, put necessary image files in images/ folder and necessary reference items in references.bib file if needed; while the file structure is not suggested to be modified.


To use this class:

  • A LaTeX environment is required (TeX Live is highly recommended);

  • The Ubuntu font is required to show beautiful non-CJK characters;

  • [Optional] If codes are to be shown, the minted package is used (the minted option should be switched on, se below), which then requires a Python 3 environment, with the pygments installed:

    > pip install pygments



Due to some reasons of metropolis beamer theme, the pdflatex engine is not supported, thus the xelatex or lualatex is recommended. Besides, if minted option is on, the -shell-escape option is required when compiling, e.g.:

> xelatex -shell-escape -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode -file-line-error demo.tex


When importing this cuzbeamer class in the main .tex files, several options are allowed to be set:

  • [colortheme=light/dark]: a string option, set the background color of metropolis, dark by default, or light if desired;
  • [pagestyle=normal/wide/wider]: a string option, set the aspectratio of slide pages, normal for 5:4, wide for 16:10 (the default), or wider for 16:9;
  • [titlealignment=left/center/right]: a string option, set the alignment of elements (e.g. title, subtitle, author, date, etc.) in the title page, left (the default), center or right;
  • [minted=true/false]: a boolean option, set for whether to include codes in the slides, true by default;
  • [algorithm=true/false]: a boolean option, set for whether to use algorithm environments, false by default;
  • [pgfplots=true/false]: a boolean option, set for whether to use pgfplots package to plot figures, false by default.


This class is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means that if you change the theme and re-distribute it, you must retain the copyright notice header and license it under the same CC-BY-SA license. This does not affect the presentation that you create with the class.

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