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Define events with subscriber

You can now expose/define your loggable events from your bundle using event subscriber instead of defining in configuration file. What you need to do, define a easy_audit.event_subscriber service implementing Xiidea\EasyAuditBundle\Subscriber\EasyAuditEventSubscriberInterface

1. Write Your AuditLogEventSubscriber class


namespace App\Subscriber;

use Xiidea\EasyAuditBundle\Subscriber\EasyAuditEventSubscriberInterface

class MyAuditLogEventSubscriber implements EasyAuditEventSubscriberInterface
   public function getSubscribedEvents()
           return array(
               "some_resolver" => "some_event",
               "some_other_resolver" => array(


2. Define Subscriber as service

     class: App\Subscriber\MyAuditLogEventSubscriber
         - { name: easy_audit.event_subscriber }

If you want you can optionally define the resolver for the subscribed events like:

     class: App\Subscriber\MyAuditLogEventSubscriber
         - { name: easy_audit.event_subscriber, resolver : your_resolver_service_id }
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