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#424: 3 different name identifiers.

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1 parent e4ad8b4 commit a4309f66b1fa2383c60486a3d882e6e39a619372 @xillibit committed
6 administrator/components/com_kunena/install/kunena.install.upgrade.xml
@@ -338,12 +338,12 @@
<query>ALTER TABLE `#__kunena_categories` CHANGE `pub_access` `pub_access` int(11) NOT NULL default '1',
CHANGE `admin_access` `admin_access` int(11) NOT NULL default '1';</query>
- <version version="2.0.0-DEV14" versiondate="2012-03-15" versionname="Internal">
- <query>ALTER TABLE `#__kunena_users` ADD `displayname` varchar(50) NOT NULL AFTER `thankyou`;</query>
- </version>
<version version="2.0.0-DEV14" versiondate="2012-04-09" versionname="Internal">
<query>ALTER TABLE `#__kunena_users_banned` ADD KEY `created_time` (created_time);</query>
+ <version version="2.0.0-DEV15" versiondate="2012-04-13" versionname="Internal">
+ <query>ALTER TABLE `#__kunena_users` ADD `displayname` varchar(50) NOT NULL AFTER `thankyou`;</query>
+ </version>
<version version="@kunenaversion@" versiondate="@kunenaversiondate@" versionname="@kunenaversionname@">
4 components/com_kunena/template/blue_eagle/html/user/list.php
@@ -153,11 +153,7 @@ function tableOrdering( order, dir, task ) {
<td class="kcol-mid"><?php echo !empty($uslavatar) ? $profile->getLink($uslavatar) : '&nbsp;' ?></td>
<?php endif; ?>
-<<<<<<< HEAD
mahagr added a note

Failed merge

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- <td class="kcol-mid"><?php echo $profile->getName(); ?></td>
<td class="kcol-mid"><?php echo $profile->getLink(); ?></td>
->>>>>>> upstream/master
<?php if ($this->config->userlist_posts) : ?>
<td class="kcol-mid"><?php echo intval($user->posts); ?></td>

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