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Android repo. Any android related code or projects will be put here.

grouper (Nexus 7):

n7root - Unlock/Flash/Root tool for Google Nexus 7

n7ui - Build.prop modifier for Google Nexus 7


pinget ita simple application which takes advantage of zanderman112 and trter10's findings about how the Google Play Store stores PIN data, and how horribly idiotic it is. For more information, check out the in the pinget folder.


WhatsTab is a tool to help people easily install WhatsApp on their Google Nexus 7/other non-supported devices (e.g tablets) It works by extracting your WhatsApp installation from a mobile with adb-enabled recovery (CWM etc) to your tablet.

Previous WhatsApp installation methods were difficult for new users to follow or of varying success. The point of WhatsTab is to make it easy for people to use WhatsApp on your device.

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