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I have use ROOT (C++) for a while.
Why learning PyROOT ?

  1. in general, Python is easier to learn than C++ for a beginner.
    and code also shorter and cleaner.
    Python provides very nice build-in functions, ex. range()
    iPython is another reason.

  2. PyROOT's syntax is very similar to ROOT's.
    (But you still need to know some C++ basics )

  3. When you install ROOT, by default, you also install PyROOT.

For me, most of my analysis is done in ROOT,
but recently, I start to investigate how to use PyROOT,
and I find PyROOT is very useful to do quick analysis.

What I will cover in this PyROOT tutorial series are
(1) basic histogram handling
(2) basic fit
(3) basic TFile
(4) basic TTree
I think these cover the most essential tools for the analysis ( at least for me.)

Which ROOT version I use 6.12

What I skip:
(1) ROOT installation
see my previous tutorial at

(2) iPython installation

youtuble video list:
pyroot tutorial 00 -- introduction (
pyroot tutorial 01 -- Basic 1D histogram, global objects, styles ( )
pyroot tutorial 01 (continue) -- Basic Fit (
pyroot tutorial 02 -- Basic tree operation (Fill, show, Scan, Draw) ( )