Improve log4j performance under mutli-threaded env. (based on log4j-1.2.17)
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Improve log4j performance under mutli-threaded env (based on log4j-1.2.17).

Tested against the file appender and its descendants. The result shows over 30% improvement in latency or about 50% improvement in throughput under 200 threads that perform pure log writing to the same file on Sparc T4-2 server. In real workloads, the improvement is even bigger.

Usage: use JDK 1.5 or later; set bufferedIO to true and bufferSize to about 128K in log4j configuration.

Warning: please perform the strict tests before using it in your environment. I only tested file appenders.


Bartek Kowalewsk contributed a sample improved to Apache using read/write locks (since JDK 1.5). I took this version and made changes in other source files to improve the log4j performance.