A collection of bookmarklets that helps you to print your JIRA tickets
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JIRA Bookmarklets v2.2.2 Build Status

This is a collection of client side script helpers. The helper gives you the possibility to print your JIRA Issues/Tickets. This helpers provides 2 different print layouts a default and a scrum one.

Bookmarklet installation

  1. Pick one of this scripts and copy the content of this script
  2. Create an new bookmark in your browser
  3. Enter a for you understandable name as a title
  4. Paste the script in the Location field and save it
  5. Then you can go on a JIRA ticket page and click the bookmarklet and magic will happen.

Bookmarklets via SDK loader

SDK loading has the advantage a stress-free update. New versions are automatically updated.

Print out your JIRA tickets – default layout

javascript:(function(options){!function(a){"use strict";a=a||{},a.kit=a.kit||0,a.env=a.env||0,a.path=a.path||"//rawgit.com/xing/jira-bookmarklets/";var b=document,c=b.createElement("script"),d=["master","develop"],e=["ticket-print","add-ticket","ticket-print-lay-scrum","add-ticket-lay-scrum"],f=d[a.env],g=e[a.kit],h=a.path+f+"/build/"+g+"-bookmarklet.js";c.setAttribute("src",h),b.head.appendChild(c)}(options);}());

Print out your JIRA tickets – scrum layout

javascript:(function(options){!function(a){"use strict";a=a||{},a.kit=a.kit||0,a.env=a.env||0,a.path=a.path||"//rawgit.com/xing/jira-bookmarklets/";var b=document,c=b.createElement("script"),d=["master","develop"],e=["ticket-print","add-ticket","ticket-print-lay-scrum","add-ticket-lay-scrum"],f=d[a.env],g=e[a.kit],h=a.path+f+"/build/"+g+"-bookmarklet.js";c.setAttribute("src",h),b.head.appendChild(c)}(options);}({kit:2}));

Pick a JIRA ticket for print – default layout

javascript:(function(options){!function(a){"use strict";a=a||{},a.kit=a.kit||0,a.env=a.env||0,a.path=a.path||"//rawgit.com/xing/jira-bookmarklets/";var b=document,c=b.createElement("script"),d=["master","develop"],e=["ticket-print","add-ticket","ticket-print-lay-scrum","add-ticket-lay-scrum"],f=d[a.env],g=e[a.kit],h=a.path+f+"/build/"+g+"-bookmarklet.js";c.setAttribute("src",h),b.head.appendChild(c)}(options);}({kit:1}));

Pick a JIRA ticket for print – scrum layout

javascript:(function(options){!function(a){"use strict";a=a||{},a.kit=a.kit||0,a.env=a.env||0,a.path=a.path||"//rawgit.com/xing/jira-bookmarklets/";var b=document,c=b.createElement("script"),d=["master","develop"],e=["ticket-print","add-ticket","ticket-print-lay-scrum","add-ticket-lay-scrum"],f=d[a.env],g=e[a.kit],h=a.path+f+"/build/"+g+"-bookmarklet.js";c.setAttribute("src",h),b.head.appendChild(c)}(options);}({kit:3}));


Why is the printed ticket black/white and not colored, as in the preview?

You have to allow to print background colors in your browser print settings

  • in Firefox: Appearance: Print Color Backgrounds
  • in Google Chrome: Options: Background colors and -images

Project setup

The build process based on node.js please make sure you have a nodejs (>=0.8.2) installed.

Install build environment

Run this commands in the terminal to fetch all dependencies.

$ npm install
$ bower install

Run build script

The build process based on Grunt. You can find the configuration in the Grundfile.js.

If you will run on you machine you have to install it globaly

$ npm install grunt-cli -g

Run theses following command in the terminal for:

create the new compressed JavaScript and CSS resources

$ grunt build

run tests

$ grunt test

watch resources and run tests continuously

$ grunt watch

generate documentation

$ grunt yuidoc

Available Layouts

Default layout

Scrum layout

How to create a new print layout?

  1. Define a new item in the xing.core.table.layout object.
    • requires a multi dimensional array _layout object like the existing (e.g. kanban)
    • requires a static item the represent the new layout (e.g. KANBAN_LAYOUT: 'kanban')
  2. Define the Grunt task in the Gruntfile.js to generate resources:
addBookmarkletKanban: {
  options: {
    banner: appConfig.templates.banner(),
    footer: appConfig.templates.addPluginFooter('xing.core.table.layout.KANBAN_LAYOUT')
  files: {
    'build/add-ticket-lay-kanban-bookmarklet.js': appConfig.src
  1. Register layout in SDK loader script

    • add the layout name in the kits list e.g. 'ticket-print-lay-kanban'
  2. Run grunt build to create the resources and commit it and push it to your repository.

  3. Create a bookmark with the new generated content from build/sdk-loader.js as Location URL and set the index number of the kit that you want to use at the end of the line: …(options);}({ kit: 4, path: '//path.to.your/repository/jira-bookmarklets/raw/' }));

  4. The bookmarklet should now work on your JIRA issue pages.


For changing the base request path for fetching the remote resources you can adjust this in the src/config.json file.

Release notes

Version 2


  • Fix MIME type issue to make the JS executable all supported browser
  • Improve the balance of title/description viewport size for the Scrum layout


  • Scrum layout support formatted text for the description
  • document how to use bookmarklet with direct loading insteat of async loading via SDK loader script


  • allow to create several ticket layouts
  • simplify scrum layout


  • make it possible to have different print ticket layouts
  • two different layouts are now available:


  • Load JavaScript from server/implement auto-update mechanism Issue 3
    • you don’t have to update your local bookmarklet anymore, we will do it for you \o/
  • Print Multiple tickets Issue 2
    • Improve ticket prints - 2 tickets should now fits on one page
  • Update markup for JIRA 6.*
  • Overhaul remove a ticket interaction
  • Update ticket view layout

Version 1


  • Cleanup ticket layout (drop unnecessary fields)
  • Drop toggle bookmark


  • Fix broken print layout


  • Make it possible to print out multiple tickets on one time
  • Add a bookmarklet to pick up a ticket - for multiple ticket - without showing the print dialog


  • Make it possible to add/edit collaborators on the fly
  • Bookmarklet for toggle additional lists int the backlog view


  • Bookmarklet to print formatted JIRA ticket




XING print bookmarklet is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.