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Removing 'Heya!' console.log message #333

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It's tacky. Addresses issue #332


Unless the developers' position has changed, you'll need to just use a fork: see issue 209.

if (DEBUG)

He's not going to pull this. Seeing that a) there are 28 open pull requests, b) there are 169 open issues and c) he won't remove this tacky message, I think it's time for a fresh new html5 wysiwyg project.


@reustle It seems you are too categorical :)


I'm not sure he's being too categorical, given that it's been 5 months since the last commit, and a full year year since the release of 0.3.0.

Sadly, this is looking more and more like an abandoned project.


@robotslave What's stopping you to fork it?


There are 600+ forks. We need an official ownership transfer


The team I work with has in fact already forked it to correct some of the many issues that haven't been addressed. We've made a few pull requests, that have been closed or ignored.

The fact remains that this project increasingly appears to be abandoned.


An ideal solution is to rename the project to something new and outshine the old one and become the new hotness.


And also, put a bell on that cat...


@robotslave Is your team’s fork available on Github?


Unfortunately, no. But the stuff we've added/fixed that isn't coupled to our app/platform (or to jQuery) can all be cribbed from one pull request or another to wysihtml5.

If we were to scrap what we've got now and start over (and we won't do that any time soon), we'd begin by looking for a close-enough-to-requirements editor-widget that's been designed and built on top of jQuery from the start. Lessons learned and all that.


+1 is just annoying


Hey @xing. Ping. What are you up to buddy?


I guess, we can disable the console.log just before loading this plugin, and re-enable it later:

var logger = console.log;
console.log = function() {};
console.log = logger;

Am I correct? Is there any unwanted side-effect to this?

At least, this rids me of those verbose test suites, I had ;)


Is there anyone with an active fork of this project that is happy to keep maintaining it?


@philfreo weird timing, I'm looking for an active fork right now. If you find let me know.

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Commits on Feb 16, 2013
  1. @DelvarWorld

    Removing 'Heya!' console.log message

    DelvarWorld authored
    It's tacky. Addresses issue #332
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4 src/editor.js
@@ -94,10 +94,6 @@
this.toolbar = new wysihtml5.toolbar.Toolbar(this, this.config.toolbar);
- try {
- console.log("Heya! This page is using wysihtml5 for rich text editing. Check out");
- } catch(e) {}
isCompatible: function() {
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