3-D datacube visualizer using MayaVI
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A simple tool of visualizing 3-D datacubes in FITS format

The visualization is implemented by MayaVI and the interface is made with TraitsUI. It stems from my homework for the ay201b course.


  • Mayavi,
  • pyface,
  • Trauts,
  • TraitsUI,
  • astropy,
  • numpy,
  • scipy,
  • (optional) and ImageMagick to make GIF movies.


There seems to be some conflicts between latest versions of numpy and Traits.

Please try using the following versions, which work well for me:

  • mayavi==4.3.0
  • pyface==4.3.0
  • traits==4.3.0
  • traitsui==4.3.0
  • numpy==1.9.1
  • astropy==2.0.2

Render the P-P-V datacubes in three options

  1. Iso-surfaces colored by velocities.
  2. Iso-surfaces colored by intensities.
  3. Scattered dots colored by intensities.

The first two can be saved in a 'mesh' file and be imported to softwares such as Blender or Meshlab, and be uploaded to Sketchfab.

Known issues

  1. Cannot load a different fits file if the current file name includes path: have to delete the current 'fitsfile' name, then nagivate to the new fits file.
  2. The latest Mayavi (v4.4+) does not allow a random name for a new attribute of a field. I have to revert to the previous Mayavi version (v4.3).
  3. To be found...